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Slipglass Products & Services

Slipglass is now offering software and hardware to banking and homeland security that were originally developed for the intelligence community.  Please contact us for demonstrations, including:


  1. -Information Security Architecture

  2. -Penetration Testing

  3. -Information Security Policy Development

  4. -Certification Engineering

  5. -Managed Security Services

  6. -Accreditation Support

  7. -Regulatory Compliance

  8. -Security Solutions Integration

  9. -Information Security Policy Development

  10. -Continuity of Operations Planning & Testing

Deep-Packet-Inspection software.  Going beyond the capabilities of traditional firewall and intrusion detection systems, all data receives full-content analysis in both directions to detect and respond to attacks and information leakage.

  1. -Process improvement projects

  2. -Consulting on mergers and acquisitions

  3. -Training in enterprise architecture methodologies

  4. -Tailored implementation of GIA family of products

  5. -Facilitation of annual strategic planning sessions

  6. -Facilitation of annual revision of Transformation Plan

  7. -Ongoing research into the client’s current and future markets

  8. -Development and maintenance of the client’s chart of accounts

  9. -Application and Operating System Security Configuration

  10. -Consulting on organizational structure and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  11. -Development and maintenance of the client’s As Is and To Be models with annual releases of the updated models

Mobile Intelligent Cockpit. 

In 2009, Slipglass began designing the first prototype of a 3-dimensional, fly-through version of its modeling software.  This spatial visualization model provides simplified understanding of complex business intelligence data and a user-controllable “cockpit” for enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, such as the popular SAP, Oracle/PeopleSoft, and Lawson software suites.  The introduction of the Apple iPad has now introduced mobility and usability in an affordable and popular platform.  The Mobile Intelligent Cockpit will run on an iPad, giving business executives the power to obtain understanding and effect decisions within their enterprise using an intuitive hand-held tool from anywhere.