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Senior Staff

President / CEO

Mark Baisley

Mark Baisley brings 32 years of information systems experience in aerospace, defense, education, and financial services environments.  He led the team that: secured 100% of all funds electronically transferred into the United States Treasury ($2.5 trillion annually), retrofitted security software into several Department of Defense and intelligence systems, integrated health status software for space launch vehicles and payloads at Cape Canaveral, maintained the security risk baseline for modifications to the Space Defense Initiative enterprise at Schriever Air Force Base, responded to the international hacking incident at Western Union, and responded onsite to the notable 2001 hacking incident in Antarctica.


Bachelor of Science from Columbia College, with majors in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration

Post-graduate courses in Rocketry, Human Biology in Space Travel, Space Law, and Earth Sciences through a Space Foundation program at The Air Force Academy


Mark Baisley holds dual citizenship as an American and a Cherokee

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Chuck Patrick

Chuck Patrick is arguably the nation’s most erudite process modeling master.  As a thought leader in process modeling techniques, Mr. Patrick brings to Slipglass his highly refined version of IDEF0 Enterprise Assessment and Modeling, first developed by MIT.  He supported disaster recovery and business process management projects with the City of New Orleans, focusing on developing a City-wide enterprise model integrated with disaster recovery planning, evacuation, security, and data center / hot site preparation and transition.  He delivered enterprise architecture analytical services in support of TSAT Mission Operations System (TMOS) proposal effort, focusing on DoD Architecture Framework (DODAF) and processes of military communications satellites in operation.  Mr. Patrick has supported several projects with the Defense Information Systems Agency and modeled the processes involved in moving military assets from “the factory to the foxhole”, concentrating on In-Transit Visibility issues involved in Operation Desert Storm.


Master of Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, with a major in Computer Science

Bachelor of Science from University Missouri, with majors in Mathematics and Physics


Chuck Patrick has modeled the entire Department of Defense as well as the game of Chess.

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Principal Executive, Enterprise Architectures

Mason Meek

Mason Meek is an expert enterprise modeler with vast technical and operational experience in business and military campaigns.  He was one of seven team members who modeled the Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars) command and control system as a direct-report to the Director, General Abramson.  As Assistant Director of Range Engineering at Kwajalein Missile Range, Mr. Meek directed elements of mission planning and test infrastructure, and published methods for optical, radar, and telemetry calibration.  He used modeling methodologies to help develop an air combat training range in cooperation with Stanford Research Institute.  Mason Meek has worked with such icons as Ray Kroc, Gene Amdahl, and John Draper (“Captain Crunch”), taught celestial navigation in the Marshal Islands, has patented modulation techniques used in the SR-71, and received the Engineer of the Year Award from California State University.


Master of Astronomy from University of Western Sydney (Australia)

Bachelor of Science from California State University, Long Beach, with a major in Electrical Engineering


As an entrepreneurial arms dealer in the early 1990s, Mr. Meek established an over-seas supply chain for converting aging aircraft into drones.  He negotiated the acquisition of MiG aircraft with Chinese, Russian, and Egyptian representatives and enjoyed delivering the fighter jets personally to his clients.

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